The Great American Scrapbook Project

Help us collect images of different Millen components to add to our scrapbook collection. Obviously, high resolution images are preferred. Feel good bonus for images in the classic Front, Back, Side, Oblique and interior if possible - basically the type of images you wound want to do your research with.

Send submissions to


Welcome to your online resource center for authentic OEM James Millen Manufacturing Co components, information and stories. Over the course of this year we will be dusting off a number of projects, scanning some documents, as well as providing various inventory updates of our supply.

We plan on providing a number of resources to cross link others that have valued the James Millen Line as an example that exemplifies quality workmanship in an era when the US actually made stuff of value fueled by innovation.

Likewise, we plan on re-introducing ourselves to the community at large through this medium and ideally work together to gather the missing pieces of this rich history.

To help pull this together we plan on making use of this site as our primary repository while adding a Facebook site (see sidebar) for timely updates and a general rallying of resources. So make sure you go there and add it to your LIKES for updates that don’t swamp you with cute cats or some nonsensical game.