January 26, 2015

We are not ignorant to these new fangled dohickeys that people carry around with them but truth be told we both know they weren’t built to last.

Meanwhile, we will continue to reminisce about those heady days of quality manufacturing and good old fashion ingenuity making America great.

As such, there is a lot of background that we will be looking to see maintained on this site and across the world. To do this we have a handful of projects in mind that compliment some of the other scattered information sites out there.

Specifically we want to do the following items first – since they are the easiest and most applicable.

    • Informational Cross Link Directory (including some lost sites)
    • Cultivate factual entries into Wikipedia or possibly create our own
    • Monthly release of different items we have in inventory
    • Generate a James Millen Facebook site for easy information sharing among the community
    • gathering, republishing many of the articles found about James Millen
    • cataloging many of our schematics scattered in our file draws and on the Internet

Why do this?

Well, for starters we really like this stuff and recognize that there are a number of individuals out there that do as well. Lets be honest, this equipment was designed to work after the big one but until then much of the equipment is being maintained from a hobbyist standpoint. The true affectionado will want every knob, screw and detail completely original, so it is important to be able to supply them with the information to fulfill their project.

And of course, we have the legal responsibility to maintain our intellectual property rights which isn’t as bad as it sounds since we have been gladly sharing with the community at large whenever asked. In fact our only concern lies in ensuring that our documentation and intellectual property doesn’t become public domain because it was never granted to the public domain.

We believe in Fair Use and the Creative Commons provide more than enough room for individuals to share and access information in the interest of the community at large. So if you or someone you know maintains a site with drawings, logos, catalogs, and other copyrighted information from our company, let them know that we will contacting them to simply require that they provide the appropriate notices of copyright ownership to those pages or documents – all without any fees or charges.

How can you help?

If you are already one of the many antique ham radio members, you already are – still there are other ways to help us all spread the information:

    • work with us on the Wikipedia Project
    • fill in some blank spaces of the archives and time line
    • take pictures of restoration projects (we are willing to sponsor clubs with web hosting)
    • make suggestions and simply participate

However you choose to help, you will find that the results will far exceed the effort expended when we work together.

We look forward to see what we can do as a community interested in sharing their interest in these incredibly long lasting pieces of radio communication.

      1. Charles Hooker on February 10, 2012 at 10:53 pm
        1. I have several unused Millen components I bought 40 years ago for a kw Transmatch project but never used. As I’m now a QRP enthusiast, these components are available for photographing, sale or whatever. I no longer have the multiturn dial or 28 uH variable inductor, which I gave away to another ham, but I do have large capacitors, ceramic standoffs, high-voltage rf switch, etc and some original boxes.
          • admin on February 11, 2012 at 9:59 am
            • Fine Business Charles, we can provide most all of the missing parts you might want if you choose to start this project again. 73′s
      2. doug on February 16, 2012 at 9:16 pm
        1. Can I send a picture of a tall tunable capacitor fo ID ?This sets on a 1 1/4″ insulator the outside round plate is 1.5″ od and the inside tunable round plate is 3/4″ ID..The inside is on a 3″ 8-32 threaded rod screw Thanks Doug
          • admin on February 17, 2012 at 8:48 am
            • Yes Doug,We would be pleased to identify this James Millen Product from a photo. Please Email it to
            • for prompt attention.
            • 73 Ralph
      3. Glenn on February 25, 2012 at 12:44 pm
        1. I have a millen capacitor 14060 which I need the right angle drive for. There is a bevel gear already on the shaft. Is the plate and the shaft/drive gear available and if so how can I obtain it? Thanks so much for your help
        2. Glenn
      4. MIKE GIDDINGS G3XLB on May 14, 2012 at 7:48 am
        1. Hi,
        2. Just came across your web site. Is there any chance that you may have an equivalent to the 1/2 inch ceramic ,slug tuned coil formers Millen 69046 or perhaps know of anybody in the USA manufacturing these? I’m looking for about 6 or 7.
      5. Warren Ziegler on July 22, 2012 at 8:36 am
        1. Hi,
        2. I am looking for a Millen 16250 split stator capacitor, would you have one?
        3. 73 & TNX Warren K2ORS
      6. Frank Carcia WA1GFZ on July 23, 2012 at 3:31 pm
        1. Dear James Millen Co,
        2. The antenna best tuner I ever built is a pair coupled of L networks driven out of phase in 1983, later called the balanced-balanced tuner by Rick Measures. I used a pair of 22uh variable inductors and a pair of 300pf 10kv caps. Millen could provide parts to build this with a split stator and a couple inductors with a bit more L say around 30uh which would be better than any commercial junk out there. This would be a good start if you decide to start producing product again. 35 years ago I visited your facility and waited in the office while you built me a high voltage band switch. Good luck, Frank